Wedding Date: 13th July 2017

This is just a short note to THANK YOU EVER SO DEARLY FOR YOUR FANTASTIC WORK! You guys excelled in every possible way! Everyone was utterly impressed by the whole organization team. You all looked stunning in your black dresses and loved the pearls! I’m sorry I didn’t really get much time to speak with you, me and went in such a flash!

The church looked absolutely stunning that red carpet really brought out its main feature, the church organization was second to none! You guys made me feel like a queen walking in there to the point that I couldn’t hold it half way through as you might have realized I burst out into big tears!

Guest’s kept calling and messaging saying how fantastically organized everything was. Thank you so very much for all your tip top work and keep it up! I wish we could rewind and do it all again. Sarah really well done for all, BRAVISSIMA!

Best regards and you will certainly be organising our next big event! :-))

Lots of love
Sarah & Sönke Stein