Wedding Date: September 20, 2009


Thank you soooooooo soooooooo much, people are STILL talking about it here, you guys did an incredible job, it was I can happily say the best day of our lives!!


Mo Kelly (in an interview with a local magazine in Ireland)

“I found Sarah while searching the internet, she looked the most professional then I heard through a friend that she was the best, and she really is!    It was the best decision we made.   We had particular requests and Sarah and Lisa met them all no problem”.

Snippets from the interview Mo Kelly gave to Confetti Magazine  –  Spring 2010 issue

Planning the wedding – how long did it take and who was involved? Well, it was a fairly short run up to the wedding (9 months)- we decided not to hang around too long as we had been going out so long anyway. Also, my mother passed away last year and we wanted the wedding to be sooner, so as to be closer to her.  We decided to get married in Malta, as my family had a summer home there growing up and I spent my childhood summers there. It’s a beautiful Island and I have very happy memories there with my mom.  The Island has lots of amazing churches and outdoor venues and is warm most of the year round so perfect for end of September.  Myself and Mark took a reccy there in January, We contacted Sarah Young (wedding Planner) through her website and she set up some venue viewings for us.

Although I knew the Island well, I really would highly recommend having a planner, you need to have somebody onsite and Sarah is without a doubt, the best! Sarah came highly recommended through a friend and it’s the best decision we made.   We viewed a number of places and narrowed it down to two, then settled on the Castello as we could go loud and late with the music, essential when you have a load of musicians and DJs coming to your wedding!

What was the most stressful thing in the planning of the wedding?

Having a planner really does eliminate a lot of the stress and frees up your time to do the personal and fun things, I hand painted all 108 of my invites for

Having a planner really does eliminate a lot of the stress and frees up your time to do the personal and fun things, I hand painted all 108 of my invites for example – I also set up a wedding website with all the information for guests- this proved a very handy tool as you can rsvp online and update it as often as needed.    I also put links to history of the Island, things to do, car hire etc.

How did the day go?  Were there any near disasters/funny incidents?

Actually It went perfectly, Sarah and Lisa (wedding planners) had a plan and back up plan to every eventuality and everything was gone through before hand.  With the result that I wasn’t worried as I knew if anything went awry, they could handle it.  I was totally relaxed and we really enjoyed the day
What is the best piece of advice you can give to other couple’s planning their wedding?      Relax. enjoy it, Its meant to be fun! and it IS fun, just think of it as organising a big party with all your favourite people and you get to dress up.  If it’s abroad, get a recommended planner like I did.  Enjoy, enjoy enjoy

SMS received from Siles Dennis (sister of the Bride) on the 23rd of September 2009

“Hi hon.  All went well and we got home safely.  Thanks so much 4 everything.  It was a fairytale wedding.”
Will talk soon,
Love Sile xx