Wedding Date: June 21, 2007

Dear Sarah and Karen,


Thank you so much for all your help and planning in the run-up to our recent wedding. For both of us it was the best day of our lives and the fact that everything was so well planned and organised it made the day so special and memorable. In the few days lead up to the wedding we had a very relaxing stress free stay at the hotel and the staff there were so friendly and helpful.


There`s so much work that goes on behind the scenes that we did not have to worry about. Problems and stresses that we have witnessed our friends and family trying to sort out for their own weddings back home were taken out of our hands….organising the registrar, sorting the documents, booking the restaurant, the band, the flowers, the photographer, the make-up etc. The attention to detail was fantastic. We almost felt guilty that we had none of this stress….almost!

All our guests were full of praise and commented on how simple and wonderful a wedding could be when it was done in this way. It was a really special occasion that will live in our hearts for the rest of our lives and we were so glad that we made the choice we did to have you look after us. For other people reading this if you are not under pressure to have a big family/friends wedding in your homeland, we cannot recommend highly enough taking a week in Malta under the care of Sarah and Karen. Choosing to go away for several days meant that both sets of families and friends got to interact and get to know each other in ways that would not have been possible in a one-off one day event back home.


Thanks again for everything.

Lots of best wishes, love and hugs
Gearoid & Klara McIntyre